The Akashic Records

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are often described as a collective consciousness or database of all our memories including all of our thoughts, actions, emotions and experiences that we have ever had.

Through every experience we have ever had we form our own set of beliefs and it’s to these beliefs that we attach feelings. As a result of some of the beliefs that we form, we can create many situations through life that can hold us back. So as individuals those conscious or unconscious memories can impact on our present reality as well as the decisions we do or do not make in life. Many of the  problems that we experience can be layers of deeper issues, or a pattern repeating itself. 


Every moment of every day we are adding to the memories stored in our Akashic Records, through our own thoughts, actions, emotions and experiences. We are shaping who we are now, as well as who we become in the future.

The Akashic Records are not only about working on the past.  They can be used to receive insight and clarity about current scenarios and issues, as well as what potentially may lie ahead.

As an Akashic Records Practitioner trained through the Akashic Records Institute, I facilitate scenarios and issues being identified and as a result help a person to move forward.

Akashic Records Consultations

Imagine you can.....


Discover about the essence of you from your Personal Akashic Records

Discover about the essence of your business from your Business Akashic Records


Receive clarity on your current issues

Receive insights and answers to your most pressing questions

Receive guidance that is both healing and illuminating

Clear the pathway and transform the beliefs that are holding you back

Move forward in your life path and purpose

Discover what is possible for you and your life

Clarify the next steps to take to manifest your life purpose

All of these scenarios can be explored with an Akashic Records Consultation, to support you in moving forwards on both a personal and professional level in your life, whatever is appropriate for you.

If any of this resonates with you and you would like some more information, please get in touch here